Choosing Men’s Suits – A Focus on Color

Most guys select a suits colour based from 2 variables. The salesman says that the colour looks great and the guy purchasing the suit can’t find anything wrong with it. The issue here is that the majority of guys don’t understand exactly what colours decorate their complexion, and rather of picking a color that enriches their looks that they select a color which just fits in. Have you ever wondered why you see a lot of guys wearing navy blue [...]


How to Buy a Suit for Work

You may look like a million bucks in a new lawsuit or you’ll be able to look just like the dullest dog at the workplace. A fantastic suit is a significant investment in your wardrobe and you also wish to receive it right. There’s an old expression that the longer you spend on a lawsuit the better you’ll look and that is accurate to some degree, but you may look good in any suit provided that it fits you [...]